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Optimize Service Delivery and SLAs with Tools to Manage, Resolve, and Communicate

Savvy technology solution professionals know that rock star service pays off with loyal, satisfied clients and a booming bottom line. But consistently providing crazy-good support takes more than top technical expertise. Client relationships are deepened when you are ultra-responsive and the experience is personalized. ConnectWise helps you deliver the care your customers want – and then some.

Ticket Everything

From emails to phone calls to live chats, automatically capture all service communication so that nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, you have a history tracking every step of issue resolution.

Chat Instantly

Get a jump on issue resolution with built-in communication. Clients access you with a click and everything is tracked.

Schedule & Dispatch Efficiently

Increase technician utilization, improve dispatching efficiency, and shorten resolution times by matching client issues with technician availability and skillset.

Surpass SLA Expectations

Set thresholds for resolution times and automatically monitor every ticket against service level agreement (SLA) expectations to exceed contract performance levels.

Manage Customer Data

Record customer configuration data in one central repository for easy management and immediate access to everything from product inventory to warranty information.

Track Every Minute

Automate the tracking of time spent resolving client issues so not a moment of billable time is lost. Then feed that data directly into accounting for accurate and timely billing that clients appreciate.

Commit to Service Excellence With These Tools

“If you want to deliver the best service, the only way to do that is with the ConnectWise suite. When you look at the time saved, the infrastructure that you don’t have to develop, that you don’t have to put together, all of the processes, tools, and intricacies that you don’t think about because it’s already there for you…”

Christian Vazquez, Service Desk Manager, Teknologize
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