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ConnectWise Lets You Take Control of the Cloud

Opportunities in the cloud are real and on the rise. It’s the future of technology service provider success, and already impacting how business is done today. ConnectWise offers real solutions that help you manage, monitor, and bill for Microsoft® Office 365™ and Azure™, supporting your success in this profitable opportunity.

Automate Cloud Billing

Cloud billing is easy. Automate it to help you keep track of users, update agreements, and provide clients with one simple invoice for Microsoft® Office 365™, Azure™, and EMS™.

Monitor the Cloud Proactively

Minimize reactive cloud management. Get the power you need to see issues before they start, and alert your customers when there is an outage.

Profit from Cloud Services

Efficiency boosts your bottom line and it’s no different with managing cloud services. ConnectWise helps you seamlessly manage Microsoft® Office 365™ and Azure™ applications to minimize time waste.

Add the Cloud & Keep Your Clients

Your clients are on the lookout for cloud services. Make sure you’re positioned to provide it efficiently, and don’t lose them to another provider.

Stay on Top of Cloud Usage

Monitor your clients’ cloud usage so that, as they reach capacity, you have the opportunity to proactively offer them improved processing power, space, memory, seats, and more.

“The cloud is here, and it’s here to stay. There are so many ways the cloud can benefit your business; people need to embrace it and use it to its fullest.”

Stana Steen, President, High Standards Technology Inc.
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