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ConnectWise Sell


Quote and Proposal

Simplify, Streamline, and Automate Your Way to Sales Success, Even in the Cloud

Is your quote and proposal process a manual black hole, with your sales stars losing hours in word processors and spreadsheets? There IS a better way. Stop losing out on opportunities and revenue, and start closing more sales with ConnectWise Sell’s quote and proposal automation solution. ConnectWise Sell® offers technology solution providers of all sizes the benefits of flexibility and real-time visibility into quotes.

Save Time, Quote More, and Win Big with ConnectWise Sell

Professional Templates

Select a quote or proposal template based on your business needs. Easily, quickly create and manage templates.

Distribution Feeds

Populate quotes with product and price information from top distributors. Pull in up-to-date lists to keep quotes accurate.

Web Quoting

Deliver quotes online, and attach personal videos and supporting documents directly to quotes to deliver that personal touch.

Automatic Upselling

Allow clients to upsell themselves based on fully detailed, easily accessible upsell options provided in the quote.

Proactive Selling

Be notified when a client views the quote, so you can follow up with a timely phone call and keep the sales cycle moving.

Better Reporting

Rely on comprehensive workflow support and detailed exception reporting to drastically reduce the opportunity for lost sales.

Simplify the Selling Experience

web delivery
Online Quote Delivery

Deliver a professional and interactive quote experience to new and existing customers from anywhere at any time.


Allow your customer to execute and document their order with an official electronic signature with no additional effort.

 ConnectWise Sell

See How to Quote, Propose, and Close in our Demo

Discover how ConnectWise Sell powers your quotes and proposals to help you sell more, faster.

Explore the Other ConnectWise Sell Features

Product Sourcing

Have pricing and availability at your fingertips with distributor catalog feeds, including images, descriptions, and detailed parametric data.

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Workflow Automation

Take advantage of configurable, off-the-shelf approval rules, guided selling, and automatic payment collection to increase efficiency and profitability.

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Sales Reporting

Transform your quoting with a deep dive into your vital business data, with the power to provide detailed reports and insights into partners’ businesses like never before.

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“ConnectWise Sell has taken the manual work out of the everyday creation of quotes, the assembly of Word-based proposals, and manual spreadsheets or PDF attachments. It’s wonderful.”

Michael Kemps, CEO, Innovative Computing Systems
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