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Technology Waits for No One.

That's Why We Stay Ahead of It.

Like time, technology moves fast.

At ConnectWise, our teams are committed to continually enhancing and evolving our products to anticipate and meet the constantly changing needs of technology workers.

Explore the latest developments in our platform of ConnectWise solutions - all designed for increased efficiency and productivity to help ensure you’re never left behind on the path to success.

keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Manage®: Keeping Clients in the Know

The first ConnectWise Manage update of 2019 improves status updating, increases client visibility, and more.

  • Calendar Status Change: Update the status right in the My Calendar screen by right-clicking on the record and selecting the Change Status option.
  • Automatic CC’s on Tickets: Keep your clients in the loop in tickets submitted by their teams by adding them as a CC to their tickets as soon as they come in.
  • Private Events Sync to ConnectWise Manage: Don’t worry about being double booked again when your private events in Outlook now sync over to ConnectWise Manage. Block off your calendar while keeping event details private.
keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Automate®: Making Patching and Monitoring Easy

ConnectWise Automate keeps getting more powerful with the first update in 2019.

  • New Dashboards for Patching & Monitoring: New dashboards are coming to ConnectWise Automate on the web! Get a snapshot of the most critical areas to monitor so that you can jump on the biggest fires first. Keep an eye out for the Patching dashboard in Patch 2 and Monitoring in Patch 4.
keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Sell®: Improving Sales, One Quote at a Time

The latest update to ConnectWise Sell gives improvements to help documentation, special ordering, quote customization, and more.

  • Embedded Help Documentation: Easily find information about the screen you’re actively on inside ConnectWise Sell by clicking the Help icon.
  • Special Order Check Box: Ensure products are ordered from distributors correctly. Inside ConnectWise Manage, the Special Order Check Box ensures line items with the same manufacturer part number don’t get combined to be purchased together.
  • Output Grid Preview: When making customizations to your output documents, you can quickly preview exactly what they’ll look like for your customers.
  • Canadian Warehouse: Tech Data Canadian warehouses are now available to be selected as a default warehouse for Electronic Orders!
keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Control®: Remote Support Just Got Better

Highlights of the first ConnectWise Control update of 2019 include a new Host Client menu, simplified session login, session notifications, and more.

  • Redesigned Host Client: The new Host Client menus take up less screen real estate and help you find items quicker than before.
  • Join with Options: Right-click to directly join a log-on session (including Backstage) from the Host page—all without interrupting the end user.
  • General Tab Updates: New reorganization is based on categories and puts more machine information at your fingertips.
  • Host Client Notifications: Banner notifications let you receive additional context about the remote support session and the machine you’re remoted into.
keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Unite™: Centralized Cloud Billing & Management for MSPs

Gain the power to centralize applications management, and ease billing pains through automation. Bill and manage your clients’ most popular services like:

  • Microsoft® Office 365®
  • Microsoft Azure®
  • Amazon Web Services™ (AWS)
  • Cisco® Solutions

Cisco Meraki® Device Access: Create alert tickets with Webhooks, get device updates to ConnectWise Manage configurations,and easily manage devices on any Meraki configuration directly in the Meraki Portal.

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