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Get Ready to Conquer the Cloud

Centralize Cloud Management

Manage Microsoft® Office 365™ & Azure™ Accounts from One Place

Reduce the complexity and time spent managing user accounts. With ConnectWise’s CloudConsole module, you can efficiently manage all users, groups, mailboxes, virtual servers, SQL databases, websites, and storage from one place, and add or remove accounts with ease.

Proactively Monitor for Issues

Build Your Trusted-Adviser Status by Providing Clients Up-To-The-Minute Updates

Monitoring in CloudConsole puts you in control as a cloud solution provider. Set monitors for Office 365 or Azure services, so anytime there’s a disruption or outage, notifications put you in a position to be proactive with your clients. You can also set alerts on usage to proactively upsell clients when they’re close to capacity.

Ease Billing Pains with Automation

Send a Single Invoice for Everything

CloudConsole fully automates the billing process, saving you time counting users, and delivering your customer a single invoice. When accounts come online mid-month, CloudConsole prorates the billing so you don’t lose out on valuable revenue.

See How CloudConsole Can Help You Make Money in the Cloud.

“Our process was clunky before CloudConsole. We had to log into the partner portal twice. Now, I just click ‘buy’ in CloudConsole.”

Kevin Fuller, Senior Engineer, High Standards Technology

Discover the Steps to Cloud Service Provider Success

Get the best practices you need to launch a cloud services practice area.

From market opportunities to billing, discover 28 tips to help you incorporate a cloud services practice area into your existing business model.

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