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Upcoming Webinars

You Can’t Cheat Maturity: 5 Growth Disciplines for Business Owners

March 21, 2018 at 11:00am ET

Successful businesses don’t just happen. They are best built with a strategic, methodical approach, and cutting corners will only prolong the process. Discover how to accelerate your business maturity by mastering five non-negotiable areas of discipline essential to success. Join us as VP of HTG Peer Groups Arlin Sorensen and ConnectWise VP of Strategy Tony Thomas share insight and practical advice from valuable lessons they’ve learned -sometimes the hard way - during their professional journeys.

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keyboard_arrow_down Making an Immediate Impact on New Prospects

February Recorded Webinar

In today's world of buying, customers don't think they need sales people. You need to differentiate yourself, and prove that they do need you. Watch as ConnectWise SVP of Sales Steve Farnan and Vector Firm Co-Founder & President Chris Peterson share the steps for making a major impact on your prospective customer, from setting the stage to departing with confidence.

keyboard_arrow_down Finding Good Customers Who Are Eager to Do Business with You

January Recorded Webinar

Discover techniques designed to attract the right kind of customers with ConnectWise Marketing SVP Scott Marshall and Bija Company owner and customer acquisition expert Mark S.A. Smith. Learn how to use executive sales strategies to identify good customers, start the conversation, and take them on a short journey to fast and profitable results.

keyboard_arrow_down Merger & Acquisition Valuation for MSPs

December Recorded Webinar

Take a closer look at customer acquisition strategies with ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini and Service Leadership CEO Paul Dippell. Together, they’ll talk through how to take advantage of a seller’s market and find the expertise you need for M&A success. Get the facts on how to position yourself as the right seller or buyer, and get to a deal that makes it worth your while.

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