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ConnectWise Manage

Sales & Marketing

Create Opportunities, Manage Their Progress & Maximize Results

ConnectWise Manage gives you the CRM power to generate new opportunities easily, and design and track professional marketing campaigns to keep the leads coming. When it comes to sales, you’ll stay on top of sales opportunities, and have full visibility into the pipeline with automated follow-ups so you never miss the next step, or let a deal get cold. Automate the tasks that are keeping your team from the big picture, and keep them focused on your customers instead. Once the sale is done, a seamless handoff from sales to project management means nothing falls through the cracks.

Explore the Sales & Marketing Features

Create Simple, Professional Emails

Easily create professional HTML emails using pre-made customizable templates with editable fields and drag and drop functionality, then start targeting custom groups.

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Know Your Campaign’s Performance

Drill into each campaign to determine emails opened, links clicked and forms submitted. Then use that data for lead scoring.

Create & Track Opportunities

Create and manage sales opportunities with centralized access to every interaction. Find all communication, activities, and product/service details in one place.

Guarantee Faster Follow-Up

Streamline your sales process by automating follow-up activities such as phone calls and emails, so communication remains consistent and no opportunity goes cold.

Monitor Your Pipeline

Set and stay on top of team quotas, and follow opportunities through the sales funnel, using data to make strategic decisions based on the hottest opportunities.

Rely on Automatic Communication

Follow sales progress with automatic notifications, set reminders for deals to close and agreements to renew, and notify the team of won opportunities.

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See Other ConnectWise Manage Features


The transition from sales opportunity to project is painless with ConnectWise Manage. Simply use a template to create a project, customize a work plan and get started.

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Do you know what’s affecting your profitability? With instant visibility dashboards and custom reporting, ConnectWise Manage turns data into an actionable tool to help drive decision-making.

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“With ConnectWise Manage, I can look at a glance and know what’s coming down the sales pipeline and what I need to plan for in six months without having to go speak to each individual salesperson.”

Eric Hoffmaster, Technical Assistance Center Manager, Innovative Computing Systems

Empower Your Sales team with the ConnectWise Suite

Send elegant, professional quotes and proposals, and convert sales opportunities directly into projects when you make the sale.
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