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ConnectWise Manage


Strengthen Client Relationships with Agreements

Customer agreements and service level agreements (SLA) not only help streamline your operations, they shape your professional reputation. Falling short of your promises can have a real impact on the future of your business. But staying on top of all the details is challenging, at best. Are SLAs driving the prioritization of service tickets?

Which customer devices are supported and which aren’t? Are technicians tracking time correctly? When are renewals due? How much support time is left under each agreement? ConnectWise Manage automatically prioritizes, tracks, and reports the information essential to ensuring agreement expectations are met, so your business runs more efficiently, and your reputation is secure.

Deliver on Customer Expectations with these Features

Set up Agreements

ConnectWise Manage helps you get desired results from agreements by establishing service expectations and automating the management of client contracts, including cloud services. Support your cash flow by automating recurring billing.

Simplify SLA Management

The ConnectWise Manage SLA setup helps you decide which tickets to take care of first, depending on your clients’ service delivery expectations. Determine unique response plans and resolution times with custom calendars and matrices, then track every step.

Improve Workflows

To avoid breaching SLA contracts, ConnectWise Manage automates reminders to the appropriate resources and also helps you proactively renew expiring contracts. You’ll also stay updated when clients reach a low support balance, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Create Smarter Agreements

Custom, Flexible Agreement Options

Choose to use existing templates, or customize client-specific agreements with flexibility in adjusting billing rates and support coverage.

Easily Adjustable Billing Options

Add charges for additional products related to the agreement.

Agreement Profitability Visibility

See all time entries that have been applied to an agreement, and easily determine profitability.


See it All Come Together With a Demo

Simplify and streamline every aspect of your business for a smoother customer experience.

“The agreements function of ConnectWise Manage really allows us to track what goes into it so we can see how profitable we really are on those agreements.”

Aaron Hamp, Owner, I.N.C. Systems & POS of Michigan

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